Welcome to the 

Lyseth Elementary Parent Teacher Association!

We are a volunteer-run organization of parents, guardians, teachers, and community members of Lyseth Elementary, a public K-5 school in Portland, Maine. We are excited to engage with you as part of our community! 

Meetings are usually held the second Wednesday of each month, August to June.  Explore these pages to learn how to connect with us as well as read important school information and PTA updates

You can also check out our Facebook page for updates, information, and events. 

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Class List Directory

We’re excited to introduce Class Lists this year, which will allow families to connect with one another outside of school over text, WhatsApp, or email. Your participation is optional, but we hope this opportunity will create a stronger community of Lyseth Elementary School families, support our children’s friendships outside of school, and connect at events! 

Image credits left to right: Press Herald; Tim Greenway Architectural Photography Lyseth PTA Facebook page